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  Lan Taiwan direct "Spring Festival" has shipped more than 3,200 passenger trips With the Chinese New Year holiday approaching, Fujian Pingtan port before Australia ushered in the peak passenger flow Ferry Terminal.Reporters on the 20th from Pingtan entry immigration inspection station was informed that since 2020, the first day of spring, as of January 17, Pingtan Checkpoint has more than 3,200 person-clearance immigration officers.It is understood that during the Spring Festival this year, Lan Taiwan direct flights is expected to have 84 flights out of Australia before Pingtan ferry terminals, passenger transport is expected to reach 1.080 000 people.During the spring, Pingtan border stood before Australia Ferry Terminal carry out the "warm country welcome you home" theme, so that the majority of inbound and outbound passengers feel the first time the warm atmosphere of the New Year.Reporters in Pingtan Checkpoint see the entry hall, the staff is actively provide guidance counseling services for passengers.Pingtan citizen Li sister married into Taiwan in mid-2009, with her husband and the children return home New Year Pingtan.Sister Lee family received the "blessing" from the hands of border police and lanterns, according to Zhang family portrait."This kind of activity is great, I got back to Pingtan, felt full of care and blessing."Lee said Sister.For the case of a surge of immigration officers during the spring, Pingtan Checkpoint use of passenger data provided by the shipping companys ticketing system for the timely prediction and the number of peak hours, the first port of entry and exit time release "two released a prompt" information through open full manual inspection channel, full of self-inspection channel, guide posts increased police presence, the establishment of "Youth civilization" service demonstration Kong, set up a "service teams" and other initiatives, to provide services for visitors."Most of Taiwan compatriots to return home for the holidays, young and old, a lot of luggage, we also set up ie do that is through channels, maximize the efficiency of customs clearance, shortening the Taiwan compatriots test-waiting time."Entry-Exit Frontier Inspection Station duty Pingtan a team captain, said Wu Jun.According to Wu Jun, the current stage of Lan direct flights a day to perform two voyages, outbound passenger flow peak is expected to occur between January 31 to February 3, exit expected to be approximately 300 people a day; immigration passenger flow peak is expected to appear in the January 20 and January 23, immigrants estimated to be about more than 700 passengers a day.


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