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  For ah Net 2019 Session Self Graduation Ceremony cum Award Presentation Ceremony was held in Beijing 2020 July 27, the right ah effort to build a network of "For ah net 2020 session of the Self Graduation Ceremony cum Award Presentation Ceremony was held in Beijing.The award ceremony of "feet on the ground, looking at the stars" as the theme, the site not only for the outstanding achievements of the students were commended, but held a graduation ceremony do not mind carrying the Year for 2020 graduating students.For ah net Self project was established in May 2016, the creation of eight courses, the total number of classes 108, as of now, Self Service project has as many as 20,000 students.Exam the first half of 2020, there are 15 students average score of 85 points or more.In addition, by ah network online learning, many students successfully got the notice favorite colleges and universities, many of them as Fudan University, Xian Jiaotong University, Jinan University, Nanjing University, Hunan University and other schools.Inspirational Award participants: mother of two children, want to shop from the night shift workers to its normal schedule in April 2020, Yang Meijuan from Hebei Cangzhou by the right ah net two years of study and preparation, successfully get a diploma Hebei University of Finance and Economics , it went along with the local Institute.However, before that, for up to five years, she has done in the night shift workers, plant operators, shift every morning to take care of family and children is very inconvenient, many times she wants to change jobs, but also by the numerous strike.The children slowly grow up, you want to work for a freer, has continued to run into a wall out.Publicly available data show that the number of domestic students have as many as 100 million people, most of the units will require at least a college recruit people, middle and high school education can only go to the factory or small-sized companies.The study of Yang Meijuan abandoned for many years, the germination of the idea want to upgrade their qualifications, she studied courses Self ah network through a friends recommendation.Removal of work and rest time, Yang Meijuan lesson to learn as much as possible to follow the live, you do not understand knowledge will be repeated viewing taped lessons, and often discussed in the forum questions.The child mothers as role models, to go home after school began active learning, with little play phone.Hard work pays off, in the two years she has successfully passed all tests subjects Hebei University of Finance and is enrolled in diploma.The high number of out of school tyrants: live courses + consolidate the wrong question "had heard the students are discussing how difficult the high number, first I was very confused, did not know where to start."Getting this year ah net outstanding student award champion Wu love of the students said, the mathematical basis of his own weakness, there is no concept of the high number, before the formal learning are also very worried about the high number of.After successfully passing the exam, Wu wanted to share their love of learning experiences to other students: "First, the high number of weak foundation, you can choose to listen to middle and high school matriculation video lessons, and then learn the high number, with the foundation and then to the high number of contacts, not so afraid; second, suggest that you follow the teacher after class to complete a live, to do more to consolidate the exam topics, wrong question to be repeated studies.For ah exam wrong title set nets you can write down the wrong title, can be specifically tackled the wrong title until fully mastered so far; the third, and so on after school textbooks complete, you can begin to brush the inside of the exam Zhenti previous years, and then you will find true problem much simpler than you think, by the high number of exams it is a logical thing."Through this learning method, Wu love the students in addition to the high number of score, the average score in this years tests subjects are more than 85 points.After successful tests, and then test the students want to graduate from Tangshan Yin Jie, it is this years winner of the Right ah net Self outstanding students inspirational scholarship."Love Before chase drama, do not love reading, reading a big head."Yin Jie after work found a big gap between themselves and academic colleagues around, her boyfriend is also a postgraduate degree, his heart some sense of inferiority.Later, after a friends encouragement, Yin Jie decided to use the time to rest in 2020 signed up to upgrade their primary language tests and courses Teacher ah Han language college network.Yin Jie, because not long-term study, at the beginning she did not enter the learning state, after the Senate turned to the teacher, the teacher specifically for her customized learning program, to learn which of these subjects, how to learn the most efficient.According to Yin Jie, dean teacher recommended rhythm, once you have free time learning to use the phone, sometimes cooking or chatting, suddenly can not figure out which knowledge, and they will immediately come up with mobile phones look, along with the development of learning programs and teacher live class, she successfully passed the elementary school teacher qualification exam.Teacher by Yin Jie gave a lot of confidence, coupled with the process of learning tests, many teachers humorous lecture easy to understand, but the recommended method is suitable associative memory recite the liberal arts, the Yin Jie learning experience fun, treat the next exams with confidence, with confidence.Currently, students have to apply Yin Jie subjects are passed, after she intends to obtain undergraduate diploma, continue to try to test students, and now she felt that learning did not imagine so terrible.As Internet technologies develop and mature, network distance education as a new model of education, more people have been familiar with and accept, is to extend and improve vocational skills education an effective way.Future of ah network will continue to improve products and services to meet the needs of students to learn more.


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