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  China and Laos decades cooperation "acceleration" in 2020 will explore business opportunities in various fields China - Laos Cooperation Conference held in Beijing Industry and Commerce 6.China - ASEAN Business Council Xu Ningning, executive director at the meeting that in 2020 China and Laos will continue to explore opportunities for cooperation in many fields.Xu Ningning, said the past decade, China and Laos accelerating trend of bilateral cooperation, including economic cooperation commendable.At present, China is the largest investor in Laos origin, the largest export market and second largest trading partner.Xu Ningning said that in China economic and trade cooperation with the 10 ASEAN countries, China is very active cooperation with Laos.The latest statistics show that 11 months of 2020, trade between China and the 10 ASEAN countries by growth sorting, Laos in the top three, an increase of 17.4%.In recent years, to build "along the way" in the process, China and Laos both the business trade, investment and cooperation increased significantly, increasingly close business relations.Statistics show that 11 months of 2020, Chinese enterprises "along the way" along the 56 countries of the non-financial direct investment in Laos ranks second.In addition to the economic and trade exchanges, China and Laos to-people exchanges have become increasingly close.2020 is expected to 100 million people of Chinese tourists travel to Laos, an increase of 20 million people more than in 2020.2020 is China - ASEAN cooperation in the digital economy, Xu Ningning believe that a good basis for bilateral economic and trade cooperation, the two countries still have further room to improve cooperation in infrastructure construction, agricultural development, tourism, logistics, etc..


国内外汇保证金交易回应称已做好投合整改,人大代外梁金辉 回应称已做好相闭整改,人大代外梁金辉举动中船集团旗下高科技