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  New Oriental Education and Training Industry Report released business investment + dual perspective breaking five track As Chinas largest education and training institutions and influential, New Oriental, under a large wave of change in the industry, has always maintained a very high enthusiasm, sense of responsibility and stick.From early 2020 onwards, the new East business development and strategic planning jointly coordinate the Oriental Institute, relying on deep industry resources New Oriental, the focus of the five segments education track, after hundreds of field interviews, thousands of hours wondering scrutiny, millions of words the desk study, eventually grinding out new Orientals first education and training industry research reports to review, interpret and record the new changes in 2020 Chinas education and training industry, through line research analysis and value perspectives output services new Oriental strategic layout and investment ecology, enabling more education and business practitioners, promoting common development and progress.January 16, concern, "Chinas education and training industry recovery disk and innovation wave Outlook" report officially released.US well-known investment institutions GSV founder, CEO Michael Moe, director of global partnerships Arizona State University Julia Rosen, New Oriental Education & Technology Group Chairman Michael Yu, Cai Ming an assistant to the president, investor relations general manager Zhao Sisi, and nearly on behalf of ten well-known investment institutions, service agencies on behalf of innovation and entrepreneurship, Oriental Institute coordinates student representatives attended the conference."China Education and Training Industry Innovation recovery disk and wave Outlook" report New Oriental first release line research report, in the dual perspective of "Business + investment" precedent It is understood that the industry, "2020 China Education and Training Industry Innovation recovery disk and wave Outlook" the new report is the first issued by the East Education and training industry report, is currently the only comprehensive study report sexual activity education enterprise external output.As Chinas largest and most comprehensive industrial chain education comprehensive education group, the New Oriental in the study of the industry undoubtedly has unique resources and advantages."Although this is New Oriental to do an industry analysis report, but I think it is standing on an objective standpoint, and not to New Oriental as the core, but stood at the industry level to analyze and judge, I believe we can bring it good inspiration."In the conference site, New Oriental Education & Technology Group Chairman Mr Yu said that this was a new oriental initial attempt, received good response in all aspects, the future of the New Oriental will do more professional, more in-depth.New Oriental Education & Technology Group Chairman Michael Yu for New Oriental Why do this report, and why is New Oriental to do this report, Chai Ming-yi, assistant vice president of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, said that in recent years, the Education and Training industry development ups and downs, regardless of the business model or operational aspects of the structure, we have not found a standard answer, and new Oriental willing to combine the study of the entire market share views on the industry and some judgment of future trends, to jointly promote the healthy and sustained development of the industry.As to why more suitable for New Oriental, New Oriental Education first layout is relatively complete industrial chain, the second New Oriental relatively open investment principles, has been committed to creating and enabling interconnection of education ecosystem."This is New Orientals portfolio companies, as well as Oriental New Oriental School student coordinate some executives are involved, so that more valuable report."Chai Ming a assistant vice president of New Oriental Education & Technology Group" I think business investment + dual perspective, is the New Oriental Education and Training studies from other industries report the most important feature."Report editor in chief, New Oriental Education & Technology Group Enterprise Development and Strategic Planning Chief Investment Officer Liu Qian said that this report by the New Oriental and ecosystem enterprise mass education first-hand data as a support, combined with first-hand interviews with resource industry experts, including New Oriental head of industry bodies, their laws of the market for various segments of the track, logical growth, the key to the development of adequate understanding and consideration; Oriental new Oriental School students and coordinate the invested enterprises, as a new track of outstanding entrepreneurs, they can capture new opportunities to change and innovation and development of new markets; frontline investment agency heads, as the tracks layout, from an investment perspective, the market or have a more unique understanding.Coupled with New Oriental specialized, diversified strategic investment and industry research team, the report provides perspective and methodology of high professionalism and breadth of."In this case, we not only stand in line, but also to escape the line, relatively objective observation of the entire industry.This report is not only an investment guide, based more on ecological education, rooted in the education industry think the idea of how to go about breaking summary."Focus on the five segments education track, ask questions, solve problems more" 2020 China Education and Training Industry Innovation recovery disk and wave Outlook "focusing on K12 education, quality education in the education and training industry, early childhood education, educational information, professional five subdivision track education, which in recent years several high-profile field of education, and are more or less gone through different stages of labor pains.Conference site, Liu Qian five segments on the track were a brief interpretation and analysis, involving multiple levels of industrial policies, development status, development pain points, such as the way to break through, not only point out the problem, but by thinking about breaking ideas.New Oriental Education & Technology Group business development and strategic planning department director Liu Qian Ru investment growth slowed, the main problem is difficult to obtain passenger K12 Education and Training businesses online and offline at the same time faced with, in addition to online education also face artificially high valuation, data specific issues such as doubtful; reports made pursuant to sink three or four lines, two-division expansion, from tools to solve content ideas, and summarizes the K12 education and training industrys three major drivers: the content and service-driven, technology and innovation-driven, management and strategy-driven.Again, the quality of external environmental education track has multiple positive market prospects, but the industry still exist competitive landscape scattered in different locations big difference chain, profit model unhealthy, course content homogeneity, the lack of assessment criteria and other much-needed breakthrough development pain points; case study report presented by the content of innovation, user acquisition innovation, experience innovation, management innovation breakthrough method four dimensions.For five segments Speedway, Mr Yu speech also expressed their views.Mr Yu said the new five track in the East have carried out more or less thinking and intervention.Among these are successful exploration, also encountered setbacks.In his view, K12 education market is vast, diverse patterns, but what kind of long-term development model can achieve little certainty; the strong support of the state, the quality of education will be a huge market, but it should not exceed K12 market share and early childhood education and quality education together will be particularly large market, because todays parents are more willing to accept their kids for them to grow meaningful education, which was originally done by the parents themselves educational content and educational process, now we want to be more socialized to be done; information technology in education, there is a gradual change and disruptive changes in two modes, which now does not appear particularly true success stories, but the future will appear, which is why the Internet giant important reasons must enter the field of education; vocational education is a major development direction of Chinas future, the future of which may appear a large number of new areas of training.New Oriental Education & Technology Group Chairman Michael Yu, "New Oriental regarded as a relatively comprehensive education group, in addition to the five major areas of focus of the report, in many areas of international education and other education are involved."Mr Yu admitted that, in fact, the New Oriental concern the core point is simply that for the different ages of the children, to find the most suitable for their growth and education of way.If the new East itself can not do, will jointly resources to do more and better together.He believes that New Oriental has been made in two ways for the Chinese education has contributed a new East for the industry trained a large number of first-class talent, a lot of the new Eastern leaving employees to succeed in business, there have been several listed companies; the second is New Oriental through investment, etc. is connected to a large number of innovative ability of education company, formed jointly develop education ecosystem.From the investment layout, set up to coordinate the Oriental Institute, to set up New Oriental Education cultural industry fund, to co-host China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition special education, New Oriental in recent years has been expected to energize the industry, promote industry progress together contribute more forces, which release Education and training industry Research report is a new attempt.In the new year, New Oriental also look forward to more professional investment institutions, enterprises war vote, academic and research institutions, education vertical media, consulting firms, and others in their respective merits together to accomplish more meaningful industry research.Keeping in mind the early education of current times, the more valuable things to do together for the development of Chinas education industry.


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