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  Chinese purchases of US agricultural-related businesses: the release of sincerity towards the same We meet each other to release the Chinese side about the progress of purchasing US agricultural products, which is the Chinese side to implement practical measures two heads of state met with the important consensus of Osaka.Purchase US agricultural products, conducive to meet the growing needs of the Chinese people a better life.In recent years, Chinese peoples pockets more and more drums, life is getting better, demand for food has become increasingly diverse, to meet the increasingly personalized, diversified food consumption demand, will co-ordinate the use of international and domestic markets and two resources.High-quality agricultural products to enter the Chinese market, the United States, can enrich people table, optimize the structure of food.As long as US agricultural products at reasonable prices, good quality, is expected there will be new agricultural procurement deal.Purchase US agricultural products, but also conducive to Chinas agricultural development to reduce the rigid constraints of resources and the environment, and promote the development of high-quality green agricultural development.Currently, agricultural supply and demand into our country by the total lack of structural problems, must coordinate the good relations of agricultural production and moderate imports, give full consideration to alternative agricultural spending to ensure that production, consumption and import of three coordinated, for our agricultural high create favorable conditions for the development of quality.US beef, soybeans and other products, a global leader in cost-effective, stable supply capacity.These purchases of US agricultural products, Chinas agricultural structure adjustment will have more power, it is conducive to crop rotation fallow farmland in some areas, in favor of fertilizer and pesticide use reduction, promote the transformation of agricultural development.China and the US Agriculture different resource endowments, agricultural trade are highly complementary.US land-intensive agricultural products highlight the advantages of Chinese labor-intensive agricultural obvious advantages.American high level of agricultural modernization, competitive, expand agricultural exports to China has been the focus of the United States to expand overseas markets.China is the second largest export market for US agricultural products.62 percent of US exports of soy, 14 percent of cotton were sold in China, the average American farmers agricultural exports to China of about 1.$$ 20,000.As the worlds largest agricultural importer and exporter, and the two sides is necessary in mutual respect to enhance agricultural trade cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.Integrity is the basis of consultations.China has always been in good faith, with great sincerity in consultation with the US side attaches great importance to US concerns, trying to find an effective way to resolve their differences and approaches.The purchase US agricultural products, once again demonstrates Chinas sincerity.After the two heads of state meeting in Osaka, hundreds of tonnes of US soybeans shipped to China, while the United States announced 110 Chinese exports to the US industrial exempt tariffs, and expressed willingness to promote US companies for the relevant Chinese enterprises to continue delivery, which shows the willingness of both sides to implement the consensus meeting in Osaka.We hope the US side to further implement the important consensus reached by the two heads of state meeting in Osaka, with China towards the adoption of concrete measures to fulfill its relevant commitments, and create favorable conditions for economic and trade cooperation, promote the welfare of the people of both countries and the world.Lu Yun


国内外汇保证金交易回应称已做好投合整改,人大代外梁金辉 回应称已做好相闭整改,人大代外梁金辉举动中船集团旗下高科技