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  Henan Kaifeng: will be violating the regulations, "village doctor" incident of serious accountability Kaifeng City, Henan Province on the 11th released disposal work in progress on the "village doctors collective resignation," said the event for the village under the jurisdiction of TONGXU doctors failed to timely and full disbursement of subsidies issue, the county government has ordered all appropriated Tongxu.Kaifeng City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Control Yuan positive net transfer information to other issues involved, in accordance with the procedures of investigation and verification, suspected of violating the regulations will be investigated in the end, serious accountability.In recent days, cinnabar town TONGXU 36 village doctors and Dagang Li Township 28 village health issue caused concern in the collective resignation.Village doctors are concentrated in the signatures and fingerprints resignation press report, "increasing pressure of work, more and more higher funding, into the hands of village doctors less and less money, payroll is not in place, the higher layer layer deductions, leading to unsustainable life."July 8, the county government issued a document Tongxu responded that, after investigation, the resignation reflected in the report of the village doctors deductions phenomenon, price of essential drugs increase exponentially," the states basic public health services every year overweight, village doctors work overwhelmed "and other problems do not exist.July 9, the State Commission said Wei Jian, Wei Jian has asked the Committee of Henan Province immediate investigation to verify the situation, no matter in which part of the problem, should be thoroughly investigated, immediate rectification.Meanwhile, the National Commission Jian Wei carefully verify the investigation to protect the legitimate rights and interests of rural doctors.11 evening, the reporter learned from relevant departments Kaifeng City, the city set up a joint working group of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Control Yuan, finance, health and health committee, health care and other units, the presence TONGXU work.At present, shall be disbursed TONGXU village doctor subsidies mentioned in the information network transmission failure to issue timely and full disbursement, the county government has ordered all appropriated Tongxu.Control Yuan Kaifeng City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the relevant issues involved in information transmission network is being further investigated and verified in accordance with the program, suspected of violating the regulations will be investigated in the end, serious accountability.


国内外汇保证金交易回应称已做好投合整改,人大代外梁金辉 回应称已做好相闭整改,人大代外梁金辉举动中船集团旗下高科技