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  Annual throughput of 600 million tons - Qingdao Port into the "wisdom of the ages." Shandong Port of Qingdao Port Group throughput exceeded 600 million tons ceremony held recently in Qianwan.This is the second 2020 December 13 container throughput exceed 20 million TEUs, Qingdao Port Group to create another milestone.First look at a set of data.2049, Qingdao Port completed a total of 15 vessels operating throughput of only 720,000 tons.2078, Qingdao port throughput of 20.02 million tons.In the new century, the development of Qingdao Port embarked on a fast track.In 2001, Qingdao port throughput of over 100 million tons, into the ranks of a comprehensive international Yiduntaigang.In 2020, Qingdao port throughput broke through 600 million tons, an increase among the forefront of the global port.Behind the efficiency improvement is the deep-seated transformation process of loading and unloading.In half a century before the founding of New China, almost see the shadow of the Qingdao Port Machinery, hand move backward shoulder of this primitive way of loading and unloading long-term follow.2054, Qingdao Port has not a machine; in 2076, container operations from the most primitive tools "hold stick" started; the early 1980s, more than 10,000 tons of ore boat, we have to work together to make a big 12 days busy.Today, under the impetus of technology, Qingdao Port goodbye to the backward mode of production, raising his hand carry the shoulder, container handling efficiency, the efficiency of loading and unloading ores, pulp handling efficiency ranking in the world.2020 August 6, Shandong Group inaugurated the port, Qingdao port ushered in new opportunities and greater platform.Shandong Port Group 7 ports together to promote the "integration, integration, coupling" development, continuous opened 12 routes, initially formed a "hub port of Qingdao Port, Rizhao Port, Yantai Port, Bohai Sea port forming around their respective regions in the hinterland Extension layout "dry branch network supporting the development pattern.In 2020, Qingdao port container throughput of more than 21 million TEUs, advance Northeast Asia hub in Hong Kong; dry bulk cargo throughput of 1.800 million tons, the amount of work mixed ore ranked the first place; throughput of crude 1.1.7 billion tons, ranking first in the countrys crude oil imports; Last years cruise passenger throughput 270,000 passengers, an increase of 45%, the growth rate ranking first in the country.In addition, Qingdao Port also adhere to the "two-way thing Freemasons, the linkage land at home and abroad," the depth of integration "along the way" building.In 2020, Qingdao Port inland port increased from 10 to 15, sea and railway transport in Hong Kong totaled 1.38 million TEUs, an increase of 20%, continues to lead the nations coastal ports. Liu Cheng


国内外汇保证金交易回应称已做好投合整改,人大代外梁金辉 回应称已做好相闭整改,人大代外梁金辉举动中船集团旗下高科技