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  Writer Jia Ping - wa: I fear, "the text of taste" Translation is not the past Title: Writer Jia Ping - wa: I am afraid, "the text of taste" indecipherable past BEIJING reporter side peaks "so-called literary world, in fact, translated literature, no translation is not read out.In the 1980s we read foreign works were translated, translated works to help the development of Chinese literature after the reform and opening up, providing too much."Jia Ping - wa representation.On the 29th National Book Trade Fair held in Xian is here, organized by the Writers Publishing House Jia Ping - wa readers will meet is a very popular activity.In this meet at the 28th afternoon, Wang Chunlin Jia Ping - wa and critic, translator Dylan discusses China to the world of fiction topic.29th National Book Trade Fair held Jia Ping - wa readers will meet on.Photo courtesy meeting will be set up at the largest book fair pavilion main stage.Before the opening, the audience has been people packed full to the brim, but also blocked the aisle tightly, nowhere to get involved.His work "Shaanxi", "impetuous", "Deserted" and other books Bo is also the current strong sales.Jia Ping - wa-like star has been sought after, he was surrounded by people have posed, with the help of the staff was squeezed into the arena.This makes him somewhat unexpected: "Every session I will participate in the National Book Fair, held this time at home.I did not expect so many people."Jia Ping - wa thanked the organizers Press Writer.2091, Jia Ping - wa Novel "impetuous" translated into English.But after a long period of time, although he continued to yield, but the translation work has always been "long overdue".Jia Ping - wa said the main reason for this is because of his long stay in Xian, less contact with foreign scholar, somewhat passive in the translation "translation works only sit back and wait.".In recent years, Jia Ping - wa works translated into the outbreak of a.Canada Dylan translator is translating the works of Mao Dun Jia Pingao get "Shaanxi".He said that originally worried the book would be an obstacle to the dialect, but later found the hardest part is the description of the books drama."For example, write a paragraph in the book opera drama" Yuan Men cut child "if you do not know the background story of Legend, it is difficult to translate."Jia Ping - wa also said that the text conversion between different languages is no easy task."My works are some Chinese traditional things, so I fear the text of taste does not turn over.I talked with some of the translators, they believe that implication beyond the text more difficult to turn, it reflects my work is indeed more difficult to translate."So, all these years he was abroad and sinologist, translator to communicate high frequency, often inviting them to understand Shaanxi mountains landscape, folk life.Dylan did not know what cave is Jia Ping - wa took him to the cave, go yisushe listen to opera.He will also maintain communication via e-mail and translators who.He has many rural theme of the work, often there will be plenty to keep foreign translators muddled vocabulary, such as the production team, work points, food stamps, etc.."Without explanation, foreigners can not imagine this is what things."Critics said Wang Chunlin, Essay untranslatable, a sense literary translation is more difficult than literature.As a good translator, not only to have a bilingual capability, we must also have a thorough understanding of the culture behind the words.Turning to the future writing plans, said Jia Ping - wa, his work first, writing in real life, from the development of Shangluo Qinling home to write the story; the second is to write things to happen this century China, as well as the living conditions of people in each period.But the theme of the works reflect the city less."I live in the city for decades, it seems only wrote" Deserted "and later wrote" happy ", but strictly speaking," happy "is not the story of the city, is the story of farmers working in cities."Jia Ping - wa revealed that he is currently preparing an urban novels, plans next year to meet with readers.


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